Is Vardenafil Safe?

Is Vardenafil safe? Is it as effective as Levitra? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Vardenafil is just like any other generic drug. Both generic and name brand drugs must go through extensive quality and safety testing, as well as clinical trials to ensure that both drugs are just as effective. This means that you can use generic vardenafil and be assured that you are taking the same drug as Levitra only you do not have to pay the same outrageous price.

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients, which are the drugs used for treatment. This means that a twenty milligram pill of both vardenafil and Levitra will both contain twenty milligrams of the active drug vardenafil. The only difference is the amount of your money that you get to keep in your wallet, because both of these medications will have the same effect for you.

Unless the doctor initials a specific box on your prescription, a generic form of the medication can be dispensed. You should know, however, that your insurance may not cover the name brand, or even medications to treat erectile dysfunction. If this is the case then you will have to pay, and there is a substantial difference in price between the generic and name brand form of vardenafil.

Concerning safety, both forms of the medication have the same risks and side effects reported, so they have the same safety level as well. There is no reason to pay more for your medication than you have to, when there is a safe and low cost alternative that will be just as effective.